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Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

Face it, you and your website have grown apart. You used to spend so much time together, but now it’s a chore. When you first got together a few years ago it was so beautiful and interesting. Now, when people ask, “Do you have a website?”

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Navigating the Maze of Content Creation

Navigating the Maze of Content Creation

Ever feel a little lost? You have your site up and ready, now all you to do need is to populate it with your content. The content you have been meaning to create. Eventually.

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You don't have to take my word for it...

Whether it is WordPress design, website administration, email marketing, or any other virtual project management task I need- Caitlin is up for the job. She is a digital midwife able to take a project from conception to birth.
As my business has grown, Caitlin has provided constant, dependable, creative and collaborative support.

-Lisa Cypers Kamen

I wanted website that gives me a place to share videos, recorded stories and photos from speaking engagements and my long political career. Caitlin created a website that is flexible, fun and interesting. People tell me they enjoy discovering historical surprises amid all the new endeavors.
– Former Congressman Marty Russo

Caitlin makes my life easier and my business better. I love that I can reach out with a random virtual assistant-type task, or ask her to create a quick web page for me, and she’s fast, positive, responsive, and tends to know what’s best…even more than I do! I often hand her half-baked ideas and she forms them into something that’s far better than I imagined.
She is very creative and extremely easy to communicate with. That’s the most important thing to me–she’s excellent at showing me early drafts of things and being open to revisions if I’m being picky…but we usually don’t even end up there because she has a knack for knowing what my business needs even if I don’t. Hire her!

– Amy Johnson, Ph.D

Caitlin created a website that shows services and credentials in a way that catches the imagination. It is uniquely perfect for giving clients a toolkit full of coaching tips that can help them in everyday work.
– Nancy L. Andriuk, Board Certified Coach

As a visual artist, it is important for me to have professional online presence while maintaining my individual autonomy. I wanted a website that stands out from the crowd and is both visually engaging and practical. Caitlin worked with me to create a website that showcases my artwork in the way I want it to be experienced.
– Frank Ryan

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